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FREGAT CONSULT Ltd. is a business association that possesses representation of our capital city and every area of high court of appeal as well.

It was established as ECONOSERVICE joined-stock company in 1982, further on it was bought by Central Financial Institution in 1982.

In 1992 Central Financial Institution - as a stock-holder- specialized our company for businesslike liquidator activity and enter it to the liquidation register administered by Ministry of Finance.

ECONOSERVICE joined-stock company had been doing liquidations since 1992, then took over all liquidation activity from Central Financial Institution joined-stock company from 1995.

Our company's name changed from ECONOSERVICE to PK-ECONO joined-stock company in 1994. In 1999 PK-ECONO was transformed from joined-stock company to LTD.

The Company has been conducted thousands of bankruptcy-, liquidation-, break-even status-, property settlement process properly.

Our company had a total fluctuation in 2005 that meant the whole change of conditions in personal- and material aspect as well.

The new management chose our liquidators, trustees in bankruptcy and receivers with a superlative degree. The company’s lawyer department consists of high qualified lawyers; in addition we have a flexible destination management in the area of economy as well.

We must mention our unique IT system which can guarantee every access for different databases, for instance real estate records and other important registers. We own internet site, where everybody can attend actual data, availability and other useful information.

Our staff has a wide aspect of several other fields, such as technical field, building-trade, producing industry, making, trade, customs law and logistics.

We command some member as well, who has proficiency on the territory of food industry, administrative and official processes, or has a multi-annual experience in agriculture.

Almost all of our employees are able to speak some foreign language.